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Google Slides App: Receiving "Part of This Slide Didn’t Load, Try Re-Loading" Error

by Santino

This article will go through how to troubleshoot receiving the "Part of this slide didn't load, try re-loading" error while using the ScreenCloud Google Slides app.

Table of contents:

1. Why am I receiving this error message?

2. Use the Embed app as an alternative to display your slides

3. What other steps can I take to prevent it from happening or occurring less frequently?


1. Why am I receiving this error message?


Our technical team has determined that this error, unfortunately, is out of the immediate scope of our support as of March 2019. Further research into this type of error, including Google search results in which users who are not ScreenCloud members are reporting the same challenge, has concluded that the issue source is from Google directly. There is currently no origin that has been identified to cause this intermittent challenge from occurring at random.

We found that this issue dates back as far as 2011, with, unfortunately, no resolution that has been put in place currently as it's not a consistent issue for all Google Slide users:!topic/docs/WrakcJEOB6E!category-topic/docs/presentations/9b2l0U6b1i4

We understand that this can be troubling and inconvenient as Google Slides is one of our most popular apps and the ScreenCloud team extends our apologies for this issue.


2. Use the Embed app as an alternative to display your slides

Our team has found that using the embed code for your Google Slides in our Embed App works to eliminate the error message from appearing intermittently. Please follow the steps below on how to use an embed code in the app:

2.1. From your Google Slide, click on "File" and "Publish to the web".


2.2. From the pop-up window, click on "Embed" and select your auto-advance options for your slides (e.g. how long it takes for each slide to play in the presentation) and check-off "Start the slideshow as soon as the player loads". Please note, you can also check-off "Restart the slideshow after the last slide" if you're not using your presentation in a playlist.


2.3. Select "Publish" and then click "Ok" to verify publishing the content to the web. You're then provided with an embed code to copy.


2.4. Use the embed code provided in ScreenCloud's Embed App. You can learn how to use ScreenCloud's Embed App here.

Please note, you'll notice a black border with command controls for the Google Slides file on screen using the Embed app workaround. There is currently not a way to completely remove this from the embed method for Google Slides at this time, our team is diligently working on a resolution for this issue.


2.5. We also recommend adding the Embed app into a playlist to cycle between a duplicate of the same app or at least one other app. This helps to maintain the app refresh rate and show the most recent updates on screen for changes you've made to your Google Slides presentation. 


3. What other steps can I take to prevent it from happening or occurring less frequently? 

We are continuing to look into resolving this the best we're able to, though we believe a full resolution is not in the immediate future as this requires intervention from Google as it's internal to their service. A quick resolution is to visit your "Screens" section in ScreenCloud and refresh the screen that is displaying the error message, though we understand this is not always a viable option.

In the meantime, we do have recommendations and tips to provide for you on ways that can help limit, or even fully decrease the likelihood, or this issue occurring while using the app:

i) Upload the PowerPoint (.PPT) file directly into ScreenCloud: Though a manual process, PowerPoint files can be used in ScreenCloud. You can upload any slide files you'd like directly into your Content Library. The positive of using this method this is that in the event anything does affect or burden your WiFi network, the PowerPoint slides will cache (save and store) to your device you're using for digital signage.

This means they will continue to play regardless of losing a stable connection and will eliminate receiving any error messages of "loading" issues as Google Slides currently is. The con is that you lose the ability to make edits to a Google Slides file that will then sync with the Google Slide URL you're using in the ScreenCloud app to auto-update if you work off of one Slide file to use for digital signage.

ii) Try re-purposing your Google Slide content: The issue seems to be triggered intermittently by something within the Google Slide content itself. We have not been able to pinpoint exactly what type of content within the slide would trigger the issue, though we have read on Google forums that some were affected by a similar challenge due to certain fonts being used. I recommend changing font-sizes, try using alternative photos, and move the arrangement of your content even to see if this helps remedy the error message from appearing.

iii) Break down a large presentation into smaller slide presentations: This seems to be effective in resolving the issue. If you have a large presentation with a lot of slides, at least ten or more, we recommend to break down the presentation into multiple Google Slide files to use with ScreenCloud.

iv) Review best practices for optimizing Google Slides: You can learn more by visiting our best practice article using the ScreenCloud Google Slides app here.

v) Make a copy of your Google Slides and use the new URL: A theory of this issue is that it could be caused by changes or formats of the URL you're using for your Google Slides file. We recommend simply making a copy of your Google Slides (File -> Make a copy...) and following the steps outlined in our Google Slides app guide to see if the brand new URL helps prevent the error message from appearing moving forward.


If you have any additional questions on using the ScreenCloud Google Slides app, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.



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