App Guide: Twitter Timeline

by Nor Kanjanahattakij

The Twitter Timeline app from ScreenCloud allows you to easily put tweets from your feed up onto your digital signage screens. This is great for sharing a Twitter feed with an internal team or staying on top of mentions and favorites. You can access the digital signage Twitter app from within our App Store

The Twitter Timeline app works by allowing you to select any feed from your own Twitter account. 

With the ScreenCloud Twitter Timeline app you can:

  • Share tweets from your timeline
  • Show mentions to your account
  • Show a favorites feed
  • See updated tweets in real time 

Table of Contents:

Step-by-Step: Here's How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Add the Twitter app into ScreenCloud and Login

  • Once you have selected 'Add This App' you will see the Twitter Timeline app setup panel:

Twitter timeline app setup panel

  • In order to access your Twitter Timeline, you will need to select 'login'. This will take you to a page where you can authorize ScreenCloud to access your Twitter account. You will need to do this in order to allow ScreenCloud to pull through your tweets in real time. 

Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a green checkmark box need to the login button.


2. Create your Twitter Timeline settings

Next, you will need to select which timeline to show. The options are:

  • Self - this will show all of the tweets you have sent from your Twitter account in chronological order.
  • Home - this will show your home feed as determined by Twitter's algorithm. 
  • Mentions - this will show all of the mentions to your account handle.
  • Favorites - this will show the tweets you have favorited in chronological order.

Then, select the duration of each tweet and how you would like to show images and videos.


3. Preview your results

Once you’re happy with your settings it's time to preview the results. 

  • Click ‘Preview App’ and a small popup will show you exactly what your feed will look like, including the same timings and tweets that you’ll see on the big screen:

Preview of Twitter Timeline app


4. Add your Twitter App to a playlist 

Once you have your Twitter content finalized, it can be dragged and dropped into a playlist. This ensures you can show different Twitter feeds or timelines at different times and allows you to mix your Twitter feed with other types of content throughout the day. 

  • Select ‘Add App’ and you’ll be given the option to name your Twitter feed - which is a great idea if you’re planning on using more than one:

Twitter add app to playlist

  • Now navigate to ‘Playlists’ and either add your Twitter feed to an existing playlist, or start a new one. This is drag and drop so it’s easy to add your Twitter feed in between other content or on its own:

Twitter timeline app in playlist



Can I display the Twitter app in portrait?

  • Yes, the Twitter app can be used within a portrait or landscape display.

Can I display the Twitter app as part of a zoned signage display?

  • Yes, when setting up a zoned display you will see the option to ‘Add App’. Any Twitter feeds you have set up will be found in this list and can be added to any zone of the zoned display setup. 

How are the results ordered?

  • Tweets are shown either chronologically, or according to Twitter's algorithm depending on which feed you are showing. 

Why do I have to log in on Twitter to integrate the app?

  • This is due to Twitter’s API which asks for tokens in exchange for Twitter search results. When you log in, Twitter gives you access to your tweets which can then be displayed on the screen.

What if I want to show someone else's feed, other than my own?


If you have any additional questions or concerns on the Twitter app, or any other questions or feedback about your ScreenCloud Membership, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at +1-415-449-5426, then follow the prompts to reach support. 



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