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Supported File Types When Trying to Upload Content and How Files Are Converted?

by Santino

This article will go through Supported file types when trying to upload content into ScreenCloud and how they are converted.

Table of contents:


Please Note: Our file size limit is 5GB maximum. For apps such as Digital Menuboard or Noticeboard 2.0, the maximum file size for images is 10MB. There is also an upload limit of 200 files maximum at a time. 


File types: jpeg, png, tiff, psd, bmp, svg

All image file types are transcoded into .jpg



File types: mp4, mov, flv, avi, wmv, mpeg, swf, 3gp, MPEG-2

All videos are transcoded into .mp4 (h264, 720p)

Note: The cloud service we use for file conversion does not support video files that are encoded with Apple's ProRes. They need to be standard AVC encoding.



File types: doc, xls, pps, odt, ppt, pptx, ppsx, xlsx, docx, key, numbers, pages, pdf, rtf, txt 

Documents are transcoded into .png for higher quality, though thumbnail on signage are .jpg for web performance. If you need animation, you can try the Google Slides app which is essentially Powerpoint but online. If the slides are updated then so are the screens without the need to re-upload.


Web Pages

Web pages or Websites are not uploaded, but instead requested directly to the URL added. The Website is then shown as is inside our iFrame in the player.


If you have a problem uploading a file

It could be the following:

  • The file type is not supported or it was corrupted while saving or exporting (you can send us the original file to test)
  • The connection was interrupted while uploading the file (please try again)
  • The cloud service we use for media and document conversion is experiencing an outage (please contact us for more details)


If you have any additional questions on supported file types and how the content is converted in ScreenCloud, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.



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