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Troubleshooting Login Issues for ScreenCloud

by Santino

This article will go through how to troubleshoot common and general login issues while trying to access your ScreenCloud signage account.

Table of contents:


Log in using the correct portal for your account (Email or Google)

As a member of ScreenCloud signage, you were given the option to either create your account when you signed up either using an email address/password combination or via your Google account.


i) Sign Up with Email = General Login

If you created your account using the "Sign Up with Email" option, you can only sign into your account using the email and password fields at


ii) Sign Up with Google = Login With Google

If you created your account using the "Sign Up with Google" option, you can only sign into your account using the Google account you used to sign up for ScreenCloud with. You must click "Login With Google", which will prompt you to log in with your Google email.



Please note, you can't use both methods to log into your account. If you signed up via email/password, you must sign in using the general login portal. If you signed up via Google, you must sign in using your Google account. We recommend if you're unsure of which method you've used previously to log in, or receive any error messages, to try both methods and contact to verify your account status.


Incorrect or forgotten password, how do I reset it? 

There are two methods to reset your account password respectively for each method of login. Please click here to review our instructions for how to reset your password for either the general login or Google login.

Please note, you will receive an error message that we couldn't find a user with the email address entered in the following scenarios:

  • Trying to reset your Google account password through our reset portal
  • You do not have an existing ScreenCloud account under the Google account you're logging in under, you will be rerouted back to ScreenCloud with this error
  • You do not have an existing ScreenCloud account under the email you submitted
  • Your email was not invited as a user/team member to an existing ScreenCloud account


We encourage you to reach out to if you feel this is an error. We will be able to determine the status of your account and how you signed up for ScreenCloud if you're unsure.


Receiving an error that the "Email address is already in use" for users and teams invite requests

This error normally can occur if you are trying to accept users and teams account invite by creating a brand new account, instead of clicking "Already have an account". Additionally, this occurs if you're trying to create another account with the same email. You can learn more about how to properly manage using one email to switch between accounts here


If you try to create an account, this will not work. You must click "Already have an account?" to successfully sign in with your existing credentials to access the account. In addition, make sure to click "Login with Email" or "Login with Google" matching the method you use to log into ScreenCloud.


Troubleshooting: Stuck on spinning wheel or white screen while trying to log in

If you're stuck on a spinning wheel that continues attempting to load your account, or a white screen while trying to use your Google login, we recommend performing the following troubleshoots.




i) Switch to a different web browser: We typically recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as these provide the most powerful and stable experience for ScreenCloud signage. If you are already using either of these browsers, please refer to the next two steps.


ii) Refresh your web browser cache: We recommend following the steps to refresh your browser cache by visiting This should help clear up any glitches you have logging in, or while generally browsing through ScreenCloud and other websites.


iii) Clear your web browser cookies: Please note, this will clear stored site data and log you out of websites that you automatically are logged into each time you visit. There is a method to clear cookies just by searching for "ScreenCloud", so you only delete cookies for our website only and do not have to worry about being logged out of all your websites.

  • For Google Chrome instructions, please click here.
  • For Mozilla Firefox, please click here


If you have any additional questions on troubleshooting login issues for ScreenCloud signage, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.



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