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Switch Between Organizations - Managing Multiple Accounts & Billing

by Santino

This article will go through using the switch organizations feature and how this helps you manage cross-access to several ScreenCloud accounts.

Table of contents:

1. What is "Switch Organizations" in my account settings?

2. How can I use this to switch between accounts?

3. Can I manage billing separately for accounts with this feature?


1. What is "Switch Organizations" in my account settings?

In the upper-right hand corner of your "Account Settings," you'll notice a button that says "Switch Organisation".


This feature allows you to log in using one email address for a ScreenCloud account with cross-access to other ScreenCloud accounts you have been invited to as a user/team member. With ScreenCloud signage, you can invite multiple users to join a ScreenCloud organization and split them up into teams, at no additional cost. You can learn more by clicking here. 

In this case, if you manage your own ScreenCloud account and/or use a single email address that has been invited across several accounts, you can use this feature to switch between them quickly. This removes the need to manually log out of and into each of the accounts and is a convenient solution if:

  • You have an existing account and want to switch quickly between other accounts
  • You are a user/team member who has been invited to multiple accounts
  • You work with multiple clients and want to manage the billing separately for them


2. How can I use this to switch between accounts?

To use the switch organizations feature, you need to either have an existing ScreenCloud account or be a user/team member that has access to more than one account using the same email address.

2.1. Invite your email address to the ScreenCloud account you want to switch between. For this example, was used to create a ScreenCloud account for the business "Brett's Bakery". There is another ScreenCloud account, "Claire's Cafe", that I'd like to help manage.

2.2. The owner of "Claire's Cafe" would need to log into their ScreenCloud account, or if you know the credentials for the account, and visit

2.3. Click on the "Invite New User" button and type in your email address that is currently being used to manage an existing account. Please note, in order to give the user billing permissions you must check off "Give user admin access". You can change the permissions at any time.



2.4. Visit your email inbox and click on the invitation to access the ScreenCloud account. The invite will expire after 14 days if not accepted, but you can re-send a new one at any time. 


2.5. There are one of two ways to accept the invite based on your existing account.


i) Accept Invite with Email: If you use the ScreenCloud login portal and created an account with this method, click this button. From here, click "Already have an account?" and sign in with the credentials you use for your existing account. If you try to create an account, you will receive an error message that the email already exists.


ii) Accept Invite with Google: If you use the "Login with Google" button and created a ScreenCloud account using Google, click this button. 

Please keep in mind, you will receive an error message if you try to use the incorrect method linked to your existing account, for example, if you try to accept an invite with an email if your account was created using your Google account will not work correctly.

2.6. After accepting the invite, you can now use the "Switch Organization" button to switch between the accounts you're a part of without having to manually log into each.



3. Can I manage billing separately for accounts with this feature?

One of the key features for using this is that it allows you to manage your billing separately across accounts. The user/teams feature gives you the ability to segment teams within a ScreenCloud account, but the billing stays the same since it's all managed under one account. 

Switching organizations allows you to manage multiple different payment methods per each account you're a part of as long as you're an admin. This is useful if you'd like to keep accounts separate for your organization or departments, as the user/team feature will not segment payment methods. 

If you do not have admin permissions, you will not be able to access billing for accounts you have been added to. Admin permissions can be set by visiting, clicking "Edit" next to any email address, and changing their role to "Admin". 


Frequently asked questions:

Why am I receiving an error message that my "email address already exists"?

The feature works by being invited to multiple accounts to manage with the same email address using our user and teams feature.

If you're trying to create a new ScreenCloud account with an email address you've already used to create an existing account, this will not work. You'll also see this error message if you're not using "Already have an account?" when accepting the invite to use an email address being used for an existing account.  


Is it possible to link accounts using multiple email addresses?

This works by using the same email address you either use for an existing ScreenCloud account you've created or are using as a user/team member for multiple accounts you've been invited to. There is not an option for you to use multiple email addresses to link together for managing accounts.

For example, has cross-access to "Brett's Bakery" and "Claire's Cafe" to switch between using one login to ScreenCloud. If an alternate email address I own is added to these accounts, I would have to log into ScreenCloud with that email and login credentials separately. The system will not pick up that and the alternate email address are connected as one. 


If you have any additional questions on switching between organizations, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.



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