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ScreenCloud Affiliate Program: Overview & How It Works

by Santino Scibelli

This article will go through a brief overview of our ScreenCloud Affiliate Program. 

Table of contents:

1. What is the affiliate program?

1.1. What kind of branding materials are available?

1.2. How do commissions work?

2. How do I apply?

3. How does it work?

3.1. Logging Into your affiliate account

3.2. Your Affiliate Dashboard

3.3. Signing Up Your First Customer

3.4. Getting Paid

4. What do you need to get started?


1. What is the affiliate program?

The ScreenCloud Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to become an affiliate partner for digital signage and earn benefits:

  • Earn up to 15% commission per screen per month for the lifetime of the affiliate customer including any further commission from customers expanding their screen number*
  • Branded promotional materials
  • Detailed reporting dashboard

Please note, *First payment is made after 3 months of customer subscription fees or one month after an annual subscription has passed - see full terms and conditions for more details or visit to learn more.


1.1. What kind of branding materials are available?

We know that having the right look is vital when making sales and building trust with your contacts, which is why we offer a selection of our on-brand banners that as an affiliate you’ll be free to use. These are found in your affiliate dashboard.


You may also find our YouTube channel as a good starting place for videos to use in your demos or to get ideas to help you build a tailored pitch for your clients' digital signage needs. To learn more, please click here for ScreenCloud’s playlist “Screen Hack Friday”.


 1.2. How do commissions work?

As an affiliate, you will earn a 15% commission on any customer's revenue you sign up using your URL. As an idea of what you could expect to earn, please refer to the example below:

10 monthly customers sign up with you that each has 5 screens.

5 screens x $20 = $100

10x$100 = $1000/15 =$150 per month

100 customers sign up each with 10 screens 

10 screens x $20 = $200

100x$200=$20,000/15 =$3000  per month

*Please note, this is based on customers not receiving volume/non-for-profit/educational discounts.


2. How do I apply?

It's simple, you can fill out our affiliate application by clicking here. Our business development team will review your application, and you will receive an email as soon as your application is approved.

 Who is eligible for our affiliate program?

We want our affiliates to be really enthused about our product and keen to pass that on to customers. 

You may be ideal to be an affiliate if:

  • Already have experience of using digital signage (so you know what people are looking for, and feel comfortable talking about our software).
  • They are a hardware reseller.
  • Have contacts that you think would find ScreenCloud useful.
  • You love ScreenCloud!


3. How does it work?

Once you're accepted, you can get started by accessing your affiliate dashboard using the email instructions provided. 

3.1. You can login by visiting Please note, we recommend that you change the temporary password provided to you in the email after you log in for the first time.

3.2. Your dashboard is where you can utilize marketing materials, keep track of your linked accounts, and also start sharing your unique affiliate link to prospective clients and users for digital signage:


3.3. Once a customer has signed up using your link they will appear on your dashboard. Your dashboard will tell you the status (Active, Future, In a trial, Non-Renewing, Cancelled) and how many screens they have in their current plan.


3.4. Once your customers have signed up and been billed you will receive your commission (either after 3 months of being billed monthly or after their first annual payment), to your PayPal account within 10 days. If you have any issues you can contact ScreenCloud's Support Team by emailing


4. What do you need to get started?

  • To get your affiliate application approved.
  • To have set up your account you’re going to use for demo’s 
  • Get to know ScreenClouds features so you’re a digital signage pro, we have lots of helpful guides in case you get stuck.

Know our different pricing models based on which currency your clients are paying in (£,€,$). You can refer to for more information.


If you have any additional questions on the affiliate program, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.



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