BrightSign Player - Beta Version (for Testing Purposes Only)

by Abner Olivieri

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to set up ScreenCloud’s digital signage software on a BrightSign device using the beta version of our BrightSign Player app. 

Note: There is a new version of the ScreenCloud BrightSign Player app (release candidate version, v1.0.2), which we recommend using over this version. You can find out more about it here.


Table of Contents:

1. If necessary, factory reset your BrightSign player

2. Setup the ScreenCloud player app on your BrightSign player


This guide is specifically for a BrightSign Player connected to the internet via Ethernet. The Ethernet connection should work automatically without any setup issues, if not follow this guide for help with getting your Ethernet connection working.

If you would like to use the BrightSign Player with a WiFi connection via a BrightSign WiFi Module, follow this guide for help with getting your WiFi connection working.


1. If necessary, factory reset your BrightSign player

There are a few ways to perform a factory reset of a BrightSign Player and you can view this guide here about how to do so. We think the control button method is the easiest so have listed the steps below, in more detail than BrightSign’s guide.

1.1. Remove any Micro SD Card, USB disk or USB keyboards/mice.

1.2. Power off the BrightSign Player by removing the USB or 12V power connection.

1.3. Hold the SVC and Reset buttons.

1.4. Apply power to the player by connecting the USB or 12V power connection.

1.5. Wait for the red Err LED to flash rapidly.

1.6. Release the SVC and Reset buttons.

1.7. Wait for a few moments for the factory reset to begin (this might take a few minutes). You will see a loading bar and some information about the device. The loading bar will load and then be replaced by a BrightSign logo. Wait until the words “please insert storage device” appear above the BrightSign logo.

1.8. Power off the BrightSign Player by removing the USB or 12V power connection. 


2. Setup the ScreenCloud Player app on your BrightSign player

2.1. Prepare a Micro SD Card with a minimum of 8GB of storage (media cache size). Make sure to format the Micro SD Card in FAT32 format with default allocation size if possible. Here are guides of how to do that for WindowsmacOS and Chrome OS

2.2. Download the ScreenCloud BrightSign Player app (beta version, v0.3.1) here and extract it on your computer.

2.3. Copy all the files to root folder of the Micro SD Card.

The file tree will look like this:

  • Micro SD card 
    • assets
    • autorun.brs
    • index.html
    • node_modules

2.4. While the BrightSign Player is powered off, insert the Micro SD Card into the BrightSign Player.

2.5. Power on the BrightSign Player by plugging in the USB or 12V power connection.

2.6. Wait for the player app to load until the pairing code is visible on the display (this might take a few minutes).

2.7. Log into your ScreenCloud account and visit the "Screens" section to pair your device.


If you have any additional questions on using the BrightSign player, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.


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