Chrome Device Management License - Settings Overview & Benefits

by Nor Kanjanahattakij
Hello and thank you for visiting our ScreenCloud Help Center. This article will go through a brief settings overview and the benefits of using a Chrome device management license. Chrome Device Management is a service from Google that will allow you to put your chrome devices in kiosk mode and to manage the devices remotely. It is recommended if you want the ScreenCloud player to launch automatically when the device reboots or after experiencing a power outage.There are many benefits to using the Chrome device management console. Here are some of the primary features that will help you manage your digital signage effectively.Table of Contents:


Benefits of a chrome device management license

  • Device monitoring and reporting
  • Remote updates
  • Reboot device remotely
  • Capture screen
  • Device offline notification
  • Ability to manage and deploy policies at a user level
  • Ability to use the device as a workstation (exit kiosk mode)

For more information, please refer to this Google Help article.


ScreenCloud player features

  • Full-screen and multi-zone layout support
  • Landscape and portrait support
  • Offline playback of media and some apps: video and images
  • Boot at the start (not available without CDM license)
  • Schedule reboot (not available without CDM license)
 See how to set up a Chrome device with Chrome Device Management here.


Chrome device recommended settings

Here are the main settings we recommend you review on your Chrome device to follow the examples given below of what your device should be set to.

- User data settings:

Make sure the User data settings is set to “Do not erase all local user data” otherwise when the device reboots it will lose connection to your management console. This option is under Sign-in Settings:

- Scheduled Reboot:

You can schedule your Chrome device to reboot by specifying the Number of days before reboot, the device will be rebooted after that given number of days. You can find this option by performing the following:
1. Visit the "Device Settings" page
2. Click on "Chrome Management"
3. Click on "Device Settings", scroll down to Power & Shutdown and then enter 1 under Scheduled Reboot: Number of days before reboot; leave empty for unset.

- Timezone:

You want to make sure that your device is in the correct timezone in the current location otherwise your schedule may not work as it should. Please refer to this page from Google about the setting.

- Kiosk device status alerting contact info:

You can enter your email address and phone number to receive alerts of when your device goes offline:
Learn more about specific device settings here
If you have any additional questions or concerns on the settings overview or benefits of the chrome device management license, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at +1-415-449-5426, then follow the prompts to reach support.


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