App Guide: World Clock

by Nor Kanjanahattakij

ScreenCloud’s World Clock app allows you to share up to six different clocks showing specific city time zones within your digital signage display. This keeps the pulse of different areas alive within your office, store or restaurant, helping everyone to stay on top of different time zones at a glance.

Within an office or reception area, this helps connect different offices or trading areas which may all be positioned in different time zones, from anywhere in the world. The ability to add the World Clock app more than once, also means you can select different time zones for different digital screens. In the US office, you may show the current time for London, Bangkok and Singapore, then in the UK office, you may show the current time for Philadelphia, Washington and New York.

With our World Clock app, it’s up to you which cities to show, how many to show and where. 

With the ScreenCloud World Clock app you can:

  • Choose up to six different time zones
  • Select a light or dark theme
  • Find any City time zone in the world

Table of Contents:

Step-by-Step: Here's How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Select and install the ScreenCloud World Clock app

To set up your World Clock display follow this link and select ‘Install this app’ in the bottom right-hand corner. This will log you into your ScreenCloud account, or prompt you to set up our free trial in order to use World Clock and the other apps within our App Store. 

  • Once logged in select ‘Add this app’ from the top right-hand corner:

world clock app


2. Choose up to six cities to show

  • Once the app is added you’ll have the opportunity to add up to six cities:

World clock app ScreenCloud install

Type in the city name for each. If you know that there is more than one area with the same name, enter the city followed by a comma and the country or state. For example, entering ‘Cambridge, UK’ will tell the app that you would like to see the time for the city of Cambridge in the UK, rather than Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  • Next select, if you would like a light or dark theme from the drop-down. 


3. Preview your results

Once you have added your cities you have the opportunity to preview the World Clock app before it gets added to a playlist. 

  • Click ‘Preview App’ and a small popup will display the timings of the cities of your choosing:

World clock screen

Please note: If you select 1-3 cities these will show in a single line, 4-6 will show across two lines. If you would rather fill the lines completely, you may wish to show three or six different time zones at once, as shown below.

Six world clocks app


4. Add the World Clock display to a playlist

Once you have your world clock times selected, you will need to add the app to one of your digital signage playlists in order to play it. 

  • Select ‘Add App’ and choose a name for your selection, for example ‘World Clock - Our Offices’. This will help you to spot it later and tell apart the specific cities you have selected from others if you use the World Clock app for different displays:

World clock display setups

  • Next, go to ‘Playlists’ and drag and drop your World Clock app from the app selection bar on the right-hand side to the playlist of your choosing:

World clock add to playlist

Once it has been added to your playlist you can change the time duration to select how long it will show for and move its positioning using the same drag and drop motion. 



The app can’t find my city - what should I do? 

  • Please ensure you have spelled the city correctly. You could also add the city name followed by a comma and the state or country, for example: ‘Paris, France’, to make it easier for the app to pick up the right location. If the app is still unable to find the city of your choosing, please contact with further details.  

Can I use World Clock as part of a zoned digital signage display?

  • Yes, when setting up a zoned display you will see the option to ‘Add App’. Any World Clock displays you have set up will be found in this list.

How are the clocks ordered?

  • The clocks are shown from left to right, in the order, they are entered when you add your locations to the app. To change the order in which they show, simply change the order in which you select the cities in locations 1-6. 

How long is the World Clock app shown for?

  • The World Clock app is a static display, therefore it is shown for the time duration that you set within your playlist. This can be edited at any time by selecting the appropriate playlist from the ‘Playlists’ sidebar and changing the time duration next to the World Clock app of your choice. 

How often are the World Clock apps updated?

  • The timing of the World Clocks updates in real time to be completely accurate.

Do the World Clocks work offline?

  • The cache of the World Clock timezone data is one day.


If you have any additional questions or concerns on the World Clock app, or any other questions or feedback about your ScreenCloud Membership, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at +1-415-449-5426, then follow the prompts to reach support. 


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