My Chromecast Keeps Crashing, What Should I Do?

by Nor Kanjanahattakij

Hello and thank you for visiting our ScreenCloud Help Center. This article will go through our recommendations for you if you notice your Chromecast device continues crashing or shuts down frequently. 

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Frequently Asked Question:

It seems like every now and again ScreenCloud shuts off and we have to reboot Chromecast again. Is there a fix to this?

Unfortunately, Chromecast is the least powerful device that ScreenCloud signage supports at this team and has a number of limitations, some of which you may have already run into. For instance, Chromecast has very limited ram and storage, so it cannot handle large playlist and the limited ram can cause issues when using continuously for extended periods of time. 

We usually recommend more powerful devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV Box, Chromebox or Chrombit or any Android TV. There are loads of benefits, but the main ones are:

  • Supports multiple zone layout
  • More locked down so no one can take them over
  • Have auto restart capabilities if the device is powered down and on again
  • Are more powerful so can handle more complex animations and videos
  • Have more storage so more content can be saved offline (better playback)

If you still insist on using the ChromeCast, we have developed a ChromeCast keep-alive app or the Caster app.


How to use the caster app with your Chromecast

This application is essentially a stabilizer for your Chromecast device to help maintain it's connection/stability.

  • You can install the "Caster App" on your computer on the same network as your ChromeCast. Once you open the application, you will see the name of the ChromeCast on the list. If you toggle the switch next to your ChromeCast, every 10 seconds the app will make a request to the ChromeCast to see if ScreenCloud player is still alive, if not it will activate the player.


If you have any additional questions or concerns on recommendations if you notice your Chromecast device continues crashing or shuts down frequently, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at +1-415-449-5426, then follow the prompts to reach support.


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